5 Reason Why People Avoiding Statistics

PH02740G I always wondering why it’s so hard to teach college student about statistics matter.  So I did a little research.  I made a questionnaire and asked several student whether he like or dislike statistics subject. The result’s amazed me, almost all the student love statistics (90%).  I don’t buy it, I’ll try to figure it out, maybe there’s a mistake; I picked the wrong student to answer such question, or I must have asked them the wrong question.  So, I changed the question, instead of asking them whether he likes or hate statistics, I asked the students why they hate statistics subject.  I asked them to write 5 reason why they hate statistics.  Here are the result (sort by the most frequent answer) :

1.  Never met the teacher that teach math/statistics well.

2.  Math/statistics teacher usually arrogant, boring, and senseless.

3.  Too complicated, and difficult to learn.

4.  Useless, not applicable to the real life.

5.   Too much formula

Well, that they are.   How about you ?